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What is a Cloud-based Phone System and How Does It Work?

What is a Cloud-based Phone System and How Does It Work?

You may have heard quite a bit about cloud-based phone systems lately, and posed a couple questions in response. Are cloud-based phone systems any good? Can my company use these? Can we save some money by putting them in place, and will they do everything the current system does? Let's take a closer look at the cloud-based phone system and see what this technology has under the hood.

What Is a Cloud-based Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system, essentially, is a phone system that operates entirely through the internet. It goes by several names, including “internet-based phone system” or even “voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service.” With cloud-based phone systems, your voice calling is routed via an internet connection instead of through a publicly-available telephone line.

How Do Cloud-based Phone Systems Work?

Keep in mind that the below steps describe a process that is instantaneous. With a cloud-based phone system, voice traffic is tagged for priority over non-voice data and automatically utilizes the fastest route.

As previously noted, a cloud-based phone system works by routing voice traffic over an internet connection instead of through a traditional analog telephone line.

Traffic originates.

Let's assume that you're calling someone. You become the start point for the cloud-based call, so you pick up your endpoint of choice. This can be a specially-designed telephone handset, a smartphone, a tablet, or even a microphone connected to a desktop. You speak into it and the traffic originates.

Traffic proceeds to the PBX location.

The PBX, or private branch exchange, effectively operates like a phone's switchboard. Your voice traffic proceeds to the PBX location, commonly a secured data center, over a standard internet connection where it can be processed as needed.

Traffic is routed to the destination.

Once the traffic has been processed, it can be routed to the appropriate destination such as the person or organization you're calling. The voice traffic reaches the destination and is played through a speaker or the equivalent.

The process reciprocates and repeats.

Once your voice traffic reaches the desired destination, the destination can then respond in the same fashion as a normal phone call would. That destination's voice traffic goes through the same process yours did to reach the destination, and after you receive it, the process repeats until the end of the conversation.

When You're Ready to Get Started in Cloud-based Phone Systems

Getting started with a cloud-based phone system is pretty easy. At Precision Interconnect, we make it even easier and, most importantly, with minimal demands on your time. You're assigned a dedicated high-level rep who substantially reduces the time you would otherwise need to spend. When dealing directly with a provider, you are likely to be going over your situation with numerous reps with diverse experience levels.

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