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The Benefits of Migrating to a Cloud-based Phone System for Small Businesses

The Benefits of Migrating to a Cloud-based Phone System for Small Businesses

It's easy to just roll your eyes at the notion of leaving behind your standard telephone connection and moving instead to a cloud-based phone system for small businesses. The old maxim about fixing "what ain't broke" likely comes to mind. This is one time, however, when fixing something that isn't broken can mean the difference between a system that merely works, and a system that works well.

A Cloud-Based Phone System for Small Businesses Means Value

If you're going to fix something that isn't broken, and make the move to a cloud-based phone system for your small business, you'd better have good reason to do so. Here are some of those reasons.

Powerful new capability.

he best part about a move to a cloud-based system for those using regular telephone systems is that some tools that were only available in the highest-end packages—if at all—are now available at even the basic package level. Better yet, cloud-based tools can be added to a variety of other tools—like customer relationship management (CRM), videoconferencing and others—in a way that regular phone systems never could.

Incredible customization and control.

Cloud-based systems offer a level of customization that plain phone systems only aspire to. Those who need extra lines for their busy seasons, but don't want to pay for full upgrades, will welcome the ability to add and remove capacity almost at will and pay accordingly. Entire features can be added or taken away as you find out what works best for your business.

Peace of mind.

Cloud-based systems offer incredible security for users. Not only are the systems themselves well-protected by cloud services vendors with a vested interest in providing safe platforms for customers, but they're also well-supported by experts who can fix problems rapidly. Many cloud providers offer quality of service (QoS) agreements that guarantee a certain amount of uptime, complete with remedies for failure to provide. The system itself can be engineered to work remotely, which is valuable in the event of disaster.

When You're Ready for a Cloud-Based Phone System for Small Businesses

The best way to start moving to a cloud-based system is to get in touch with us at Precision Interconnect. We've got the tools you'll need to onboard all the features you could ask for, including some you may not have even known existed. Whether you call us at (212) 784-2002 or email us at hbitman@precisioninter.com, you'll start yourself on a path to powerful new communications tools that deliver benefits that plain old phone system couldn't begin to deliver. It may not be broke, but it sure could stand some fixing.

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