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The Benefits of Cloud Communications for Small Business

The Benefits of Cloud Communications for Small Business

Communications technology is essential to any business, and in recent years the addition of cloud communications means that there are more features available at cost-effective rates. Offering some of the same benefits as other cloud solutions – including scalability, agility and flexibility – cloud communications is a truly disruptive technology.

Consider the advantages that cloud communications offers to small businesses:

Flexibility between devices:

Employees are not tied to a desktop computer in order to access systems. They only require a valid log-in and internet connectivity and they can work from any device, according to their preference. Information stored in the cloud is available in the same formats and quality on a tablet as it is on a desktop computer. This allows employees to exchange large files and run data-heavy applications, no matter what type of device they’re using.

A leveling of the playing field:

In the past, only large enterprises could access the best technology, but with the subscription-based pay model, small businesses can purchase access to the latest innovations and features in cloud communications. They pay only for the number of users they need, and have the ability to spin up more users as necessary for seasonal demand or promotions.

There’s no need for a hardware investment:

Small businesses don’t need to invest in a private branch exchange (PBX) or pricey desk phones because none of this equipment is necessary with cloud communications depending on the solution. With an IP phone, the service provider hosts, maintains, and handles all upgrades for the communications system. This option is particularly appealing to small businesses that don’t have an in-house IT staff to monitor and troubleshoot a phone system.

Enhanced collaboration:

Cloud communications breaks down barriers between departments and branch locations, allowing employees to work collaboratively on projects and solutions. Features like real-time chat and video conferencing cut down on travel costs and ensure that your virtual team is effective.


Cloud communications allows you to add more features and user subscriptions as you grow. It also gives you flexibility at a foundational level — you can opt for a public cloud communications platform that’s managed by a cloud service provider or you can choose a private cloud solution that’s managed by an in-house IT team.

Many small businesses opt for a hybrid communications environment, in which the IT staff handles part of the administration while another part is handled by a managed service provider. An important advantage of outsourcing to a services provider for small businesses is that there’s only a phone call to make if there’s a problem with the communications solution.

To learn more about the benefits of cloud communications for small businesses including the specific advantages it may provide your particular company, contact us at Precision Interconnect through hbitman@precisioninter.com and (212)784-2002. We look forward to talking with you about creating a seamless transition to the cloud.

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