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The Benefits of Cloud Communications for Small- and Mid-size Companies

The Benefits of Cloud Communications for Small- and Mid-size Companies

Businesses of every size are considering cloud solutions when it’s time to make changes to their phone systems. The switch makes sense when new money has to be spent on an old system which may come as a result of the organization moving or expanding. Other situations are the renewal of a maintenance contract or the pending end of support from the manufacturer. But benefits to an organization's efficiency, structural options, and profitability make cloud-based phone systems prudent to consider before events require it. With phone systems typically revolving in a ten-year cycle, many businesses are expected to migrate to the cloud over, approximately, the next five years. For small- and medium-sized businesses, this move will be affordable because of the subscription model cloud-based systems utilize. And this cost is offset for many companies since cloud-based systems don't require separate, expensive analog lines to function.

There are other benefits to cloud communications for smaller companies as well:


As the company grows, cloud solutions make it easy to increase the number of users without having an on-site cabinet that needs to expand or even be replaced. Companies that need additional or even remote employees can quickly, economically, and temporarily, if appropriate, scale up their cloud-based system. Circumstances include special projects or seasonal fluctuations.

Unified Communications and flexible features:

Cloud communications makes it possible to access a variety of technologies such as Unified Communications (UC) which gives users a single application for all communication formats. Multiple user levels can be assigned based on requirements, for example, executive, sales, and utility usage. This maximizes productivity and economy.

Predictable invoicing:

When a small- or medium-size business chooses cloud communications in an as-a-service model, they determine exactly the features and number of users they need and, as a result, receive a predictable invoice each month.

Reduced costs:

While this is often the benefit that gets the business owner considering cloud communications, it is often quickly eclipsed by the more disruptive benefits associated with innovation and improved productivity. Nevertheless, small- and mid-size companies appreciate the reduced time spent by IT on items like maintenance and troubleshooting. There’s also no need to invest in any hardware, and upgrades are handled by the cloud provider.


Depending on the solution deployed, cloud communications solutions can integrate with other cloud software. Applications like customer relationship management or invoicing software can open new opportunities for growth and productivity improvement. For instance, a company could implement a pay-by-phone invoicing solution that’s tied in with their accounts payable.

If you’re considering cloud communications for your small- or medium-size business, contact us at Precision Interconnect by calling 212-784-2002 or email us at hbitman@precisioninter.com. We will work with you to select and implement the best cloud solution for your company, whether you’re migrating from a legacy solution or seeking a cloud application that better fits your needs.

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