What’s New in Small Business Technology?

What’s New in Small Business Technology?

When you get access to the right small business technology, you can cut through the noise and stand out among your competitors. Finding the best solutions for your company could be difficult without the right partner giving you assistance because it’s not uncommon for businesses to adopt new technologies, only to later find out they're not exactly happy with what they got.

One thing we know for certain is that technology, including small business technology, is constantly evolving. Look no further than your own smartphone to see exactly how this happens. There is always something newer and better out there, so you need to partner with a technology professional that can find you the technology to suit you today and still be relevant tomorrow.

Cyber Security Alert

Yes, the cybercriminals are out in force and they possess impressive hacking skills, which means when you consider small business technology, you can’t leave out cyber security solutions. 

They want your data, so educate every employee with access to your system about the threats that lurk out there. Implement password hygiene practices that don’t leave doors open to the bad guys, and make sure your cloud solution provider has the protection that will keep you safe without holding up your workflow.

Keep Latency Low

There is a lot of talk about the implementation of 5G technology and how it’s going to affect small business technology. The 5G standards differ from 4G in that you’re getting access to more speed, but also low latency. 

If your company has saved a lot of money on travel costs by videoconferencing with remote employees or clients, you’ve probably suffered through your fair share of lag as you wait for the video components to load. And sometimes, the image quality just isn’t that great. 5G could be the solution for those issues.

Carriers have already begun the process of upgrading the technology, and some are already turning on some forms of 5G. Get connected with the right partner to ensure that when the platform truly rolls out, you’re going to be ready to take advantage of it.

Don’t Fear the Transformation

Even if you’re an extremely small business, you’ve likely already taken on some type of digital transformation. With the right type of planning — and with the assistance of a partner like Precision Interconnect — the fear and trepidation commonly felt while taking on new technology doesn’t have to be the norm.

We’ve assisted many clients in transitioning to technology such as cloud phone systems. Navigating from the legacy phone system to one with hosted VoIP and unified communications might sound daunting, but with us as your partner, you’re completely covered. Contact us at hbitman@precisioninter.com or call (212) 784-2002 and we’ll discuss all your options.

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