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Does the Cloud Phone System Spell the End for Desk Phones?

Does the Cloud Phone System Spell the End for Desk Phones?

For many companies still using a traditional phone branch exchange (PBX), there is a lot to consider when contracts come up for renewal. It may be a good idea to consider a cloud phone system, but it’s definitely a good idea to determine how much your desk phones are being used.

The rise of the cloud phone system and the increased mobility of the workforce are fueling one another. With a valid login and an internet connection, remote workers can access the full range of communications tools they need from a business, no matter where they are or what time it is.

While employees value the improved quality of life that comes with arranging their work locations and times according to their needs and preferences, companies make big gains, as well. From improving productivity to removing geographical considerations from hiring decisions, the cloud phone system also delivers cost savings and agility for companies looking for opportunities to innovate.

A cloud phone system provides detailed, smart reporting and analytics to help management better understand how customers are being serviced and assist in determining staffing decisions. As artificial intelligence and machine learning become more intuitive, the data gathered through a cloud phone system empowers virtual assistance for routine phone calls and messaging.

All of these factors spell doom for the desk phone. Even when an employee is parked at a desk, it’s increasingly unlikely that they prefer reaching for a desk phone with its matrix of buttons when they have an iPhone or Android right in their pocket that’s user-friendly and familiar to them.

When reviewing communications options, it’s a good idea for decision-makers to look into desk phone use compared to that of other devices to determine what makes a good fit for business needs. Would your employees rank a desk phone similarly to items like their smartphone, laptop, and tablet as essential to completing their job expectations and goals? Probably not.

Research from GlobalWorkplaceAnalytics.com shows that among Fortune 1000 companies, employees are not at their desks up to 60% of the time. The result is that there’s a lot of resources being directed toward a communications technology that’s outdated and doesn’t meet the needs of the modern business.

This appears in stark relief when comparing a traditional PBX with a cloud phone system. Not only is the monthly invoice lower, but there’s minimal installation or hardware investment. You pay for only the number of users you need, and a cloud phone system is easily scalable.

It’s hard to believe that the desk phone could go the way of the electric typewriter or answering machine, but it’s easy to see how companies that hang on to outdated technology feel the bite from competitors that are more agile and flexible in their tech adoption.

Could a cloud phone system be the next step for your company? Contact us at Precision Interconnect where we help you identify the cloud phone solution that will not only reduce your communication costs, but also help you outpace your competitors in creating an ideal customer experience. You can reach us by emailing hbitman@precisioninter.com or calling (212)784-2002.

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