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Comparing Cloud-based Phone Systems to Traditional Ones

Comparing Cloud-based Phone Systems to Traditional Ones

As contracts come up for renewal, many businesses are considering a communications upgrade to cloud-based phone systems. While a traditional phone system is a familiar and comfortable choice, the efficiencies and business enhancements offered with a cloud-based phone system, typically at the same or lower price, are leading many organizations to make the transition.

What is a cloud-based phone system?

While a traditional system requires a complex on-premises control cabinet that needs costly on-site maintenance support, a cloud-based phone system does not require any on-site equipment and the phones plug into your existing network.

What are the advantages of cloud-based phone systems?

Each organization has different priorities, but, in general, there are a few benefits that tend to start the conversation about a communications upgrade to a cloud-based phone system:

- Cost: Many current costs are significantly reduced or more often, completely eliminated. Maintenance, programming, and upgrading product direct cost savings. Reduced maintenance and faster moves, adds, and changes result in both dollar savings and significant time savings.

- Features: Changing from a traditional phone system to cloud-based phone system is similar to the change from an old flip phone to a smartphone. Also, similarly, the vast array of functions available on a cloud-based system allow each organization, and even each user, to be customized to what benefits them and maximizes the organization's communications efficiency.

- Scalability: When you add phones for your business on a traditional system, you not only have to buy the phones, you may also have to add circuit boards, expansion cabinets, or even buy a new cabinet. With a cloud-based phone system, you can typically add phones as you need them with no minimums or maximums.

- Mobility: Cloud-based phone systems support your staff’s growing mobility because as long as they have connectivity and a log-in, they have access to your communications systems.

Is there any reason why you should consider renewing a traditional contract?

Historically, it made sense to consider retaining a traditional system if high-speed internet was either unavailable or too expensive in your location. In the last couple of years, the cost of high-speed internet has plummeted and availability substantially increased. So nowadays, this is rarely a consideration.

Preparing your network:

One of the few areas that need to be addressed before transitioning to a cloud-based phone system is the quality and speed of your internet connection. The right cloud-based phone system provider can help you figure out if it’s prepared for the additional data volume.

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