Cloud Phone System: What You Stand to Gain

Cloud Phone System: What You Stand to Gain

It’s easy to get complacent with technology. Investing in the latest and greatest hardware and software seems like a waste of money due to the rate at which technology evolves. Therefore, adopting new ways of working just isn’t a priority. However, can adopting a cloud phone system be a go-to option for even the most reluctant among us to embrace technology?

It’s not always about being connected to the latest gadgets and software; at some point, it becomes necessary to eliminate the risks inherent to older technology. This can involve adopting new ways of working, which is what companies are looking for to gain a competitive edge. The cloud phone system falls into this category, and here’s why:

Efficiency First

Switching to a cloud phone system comes with cost efficiencies for many organizations. The added bonus of gaining internet protocol (IP) telephony makes this an even more attractive option. It wasn’t that long ago that this option was shied away from because the implementation times were unreasonably long. But now, installation is often promised as “quick setup.”

Low maintenance and flexibility in how a company wants to ramp up or down their services also offers that extra bit of efficiency that can be too enticing to ignore.

Better Customer Service

When the leap to the cloud phone system is finally taken, organizations report that they are better able to improve customer service, which leads to enhanced customer loyalty and retention. There is a productivity component to this technology that also lends to reduced operational costs.


The private branch exchange (PBX) systems of yesterday were quite complex, and had many on-site hardware installation and maintenance issues. These issues are avoided by cloud-based technology.

Cloud phone systems can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. This allows for easy collaboration between colleagues or with customers.

Enhanced Security

Cloud systems are much more secure than analog systems. On an analog system, voice is traveling over wires – a fairly easy target for anyone who wants to intercept the communication. On a cloud-based system, the transfer of voice is digital. While it's not fool-proof, it's much more difficult to hack into. Additionally, once the voice data leaves your phone, it instantaneously travels across different paths and chooses the path of least resistance.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Cloud phone systems offer high levels of uptime and redundancy in case of outages, so phones stay online even when disaster strikes. The central hub that operates your phones in a cloud-based system is not at your physical business location, so if disaster strikes, you can still have access to your phone lines. The great majority of outages or disasters that used to bring down business communication on analog systems now have little noticeable effect on businesses that employ cloud-based phone systems.

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